Let me bring you up to speed as with being here for not so long so much has already happened. First let me introduce you to my home stay family which consists of my dad Luigi a retired soldier and Licia a stay at home wife. They have been married for 48 years and have 3 children who now have children themselves around their twenties. Luigi speaks English while Licia only speaks Italian meaning I get to practice a lot. Also at my home stay is my now friend Jasmine who attends UCSD and is also here for the quarter. She is a linguistics major and has studied Italian which has made interacting with out host family the more fun. What we usually do when hanging out with our host family is eat dinner with them which is usually around 8. In Italy people eat dinner late compared to the U.S. While we eat, which includes great wine we watch tv either the news or my new favorite guessing show. Licia cooks amazing food and gives me the opportunity to try authentic Roman dishes. Here in Rome I am studying at a study center meaning only other UC students where I have befriended a group of lovely ladies.

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