Italian 101

Hi everyone! Want to fully embrace studying abroad? What’s one way you can do this you might ask? Well I believe one way to do is by speaking the language. No I do not mean being fluent but applying the basics to show your appreciation for the language and demonstrating effort, rather than expecting others to speak english. Trust me this goes along way with locals even if its broken Italian or you get confused most Italians will help you. Another side tip that I noticed while abroad is some Italians will immediately begin speaking to you in English or once they see you struggling will speak English don’t let this discourage you, in reality they do this to practice their own english. I am in no way an Italian professor but as an Italian minor and lover of the Italian language here is a mini lecture and vocabulary to know abroad. Grazie mille and I hope this is somewhat helpful !

Very similar to the english alphabet. Yet pay attention to the different pronunciations and letters missing!

When it comes to the Italian language respect has a lot to do with it. So when you are speaking you will notice two different versions Lei and tu. This is very important to keep in mind since it avoids anyone getting offended. You will see this difference in the flashcards but here is a mini example to make things more clear.

*You arrive at a bar(coffee shop) and want to order something the way you should great the barista a)ciao or b)salve. The correct answer would be b)salve since this person is a stranger. Although if someone drops the informality then now it would be appropriate to speak informally.